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1974 - Istanbul

1985 - 1989 - Private Darüşşafaka High School

1990 - 1994 - Istanbul Anatolian Fine Arts High School Painting Department

1994 - 2005 - Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department Prof. Özdemir Altan Workshop

Chat Noir workshop in Kadıköy Yeldeğirmeni between 1999 - 2002.

1990 - Ankara State Opera and Ballet Exhibition Hall - Youth Exhibition

Caddebostan Cultural Center - Youth Exhibitions between 1990 - 1994.

1994 - 1998 - Mimar Sinan University Osman Hamdi Bey Hall Student Exhibitions.

2006 - Kadıköy Municipality Exhibition Hall - Sections from Yaşam Mixed Exhibition.

2010 - "My High School" Alumni Exhibition, organized for the 20th Anniversary of Fine Arts High School.  

2016 - Gallery Bohemian New Year Group Exhibition.

2018 - "City Stories from the Windmill" Group Exhibition - CKM Art Gallery

2018 - "Never Give Up" Group Exhibition - Petit Coin Art Gallery - London

2018 - Euro Expo Art 3 Vernice Art Fair Neoartgallery - Koridoor Contemporary Art Programs - Forli - Italy

2018 - "DESEN" Open Exhibition No:2 - Open Space

2018 - “Metamorphosis” Barış Gülen & Ayda Aktay Painting and Marbling Exhibition - Mor Kaftan Art Gallery - Istanbul

2018 - A Group of People Art Platform 1st Year Grand Exhibition - Türkan Saylan Cultural Center - Istanbul

2020 - Open Studio Days 2-3-4 October - Istanbul

2021 - "Contact Exhibition" Online exhibition 14 March - 31 May 2021

Life is like bits and pieces coming together and sticking together or falling apart. Different ideas, thoughts and meanings; A work of art can be created by using different materials, forms and logics together.  


Even if there are common denominators for every person who looks at a work, every work can gain different meanings because there are different perceptions and ways of seeing. Everyone's point of view is unique, and each idea has a way of being perceived by the other. This means that for each work, it is as different as the person who is its audience.  


Emptiness - occupancy, the interplay of the regular and the random.  I paint a world of emotions and forms, which are often not distinct and identifiable, where they can exist at the same time, sometimes creating an illusion while trying to get ahead of the other. By releasing the emotions and mind completely, I try to express the harmony and contrast created at the same time by the color spots that occur with instinctive movements. I have a rich palette and colorist understanding, and I love to use color enthusiastically.  


The cosmos is a harmony brought about by the war of opposites. Existence-essence, form-substance, reality-illusion, objectivity-truth, causality-possibility, necessity-freedom. this is everything  It makes life possible thanks to the coexistence of differences. Dialectics is a way of thinking, researching and evaluating, and as a method it is based on the unity of opposite concepts and opposites. Nature is full of contrasts. Everything has an opposite. Opposites come together, and the most beautiful harmony arises from the irreconcilable. Everything happens as a result of conflict.  


Although the space they cover and the sequence they form within the abstract spaces of their own, color and unique forms sometimes create a distinct sense of order, what I am trying to do is  somewhat the opposite of that. Chaos, harmony and order created by colors and forms stacked on top of each other. Just like our lives.

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